All around me's twisting, twisting

Naomi Credé

All around me's twisting, twisting draws from past research undertaken by Rosie Haward and Naomi Credé around embodiments of dizziness and giddiness, focusing on the affects, histories and political potential these sensations give rise to. Dizziness or giddiness can alter our spatial, temporal and bodily relation to the world, and result in feelings of disorientation.

Whilst listening, you are invited to embody, remember and imagine what it feels like when disorienting sensations arise; moments in which your body loses sense of the ground beneath your feet and surrounding space. Stay stationary or move freely–let the sound-waves fall through you–as you follow the turning and twisting trails of thought, stories, lyrics and melodies.

Voices ~ Juliette Lizotte, Naomi Credé, Elif Satanaya Özbay

  • 0’00 Laurie Anderson ~ Bodies in Motion
  • 7’00 Yves Tumor ~ Limerance
  • 7’25 Octavia Butler ~ Kindred
  • 9’16 Sara Ahmed ~ Queer Phenomenology
  • 10’59 Octavia Butler ~ Kindred
  • 12’09 Sara Ahmed ~ Queer Phenomenology
  • 18’24 Octavia Butler ~ Kindred
  • 19’41 Bananarama ~ Twisting
  • 23’20 Pauline Anne Strom ~ Emerald Pool
  • 23’33 Octavia Butler ~ Kindred
  • 24’13 Joanna Walsh ~ Vertigo
  • 27’02 Connie Frances ~ Kiss and Twist
  • 28’55 Leila Arab ~ Underwaters
  • 29’09 Dodie Belamy ~ Girl Body (When the Sick Rule the World)
  • 32’12 Laurie Anderson & Kronos Quartet ~ The Water Rises Our Street is a Black River
  • 36’16 Siouxie and the Banshees ~ Dizzy
  • 39’22 Delia Derbyshire ~ Falling
  • 47’56 Main Ingredient ~ Spinning Around (I Must Be Falling In Love)
  • 51’00 Ekin Fil ~ Unforgotten
  • 51’05 Octavia Bulter ~ Kindred
  • 52’47 Sadegh Hedayat ~ The Blind Owl
  • 55’28 Kate Bush ~ Moments of Pleasure
  • 1’01 Dead or Alive ~ You Spin Me Round Like a Record

This publication is commissioned by the Editorial Board as part of the series 'Future Practices'

'Future Practices' is the framework for a series of publications on current topics that stimulate or question intercurricular education at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Various interdepartmental or interdisciplinary duos and teams have been asked to create a contribution in a format of their choice, such as a podcast, a text or an audiopiece. These collaborations originate in the first Open Call for Intercurricular Programmes in November 2020. Because of the many promising proposals, the editorial board decided to select 6 collaborations and asked these to publish their research via extraintra.nl in 2021.

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