Conscious Canteen

We are the Conscious Canteen & we want to reduce the use of one-time use material in the canteen.

Our basic initiative started from our own need to be more conscious in our lives. This made us look at our surroundings and question the choices made. So we decided to change the approach, trying to make the changes we would like to see realised. We hope to create more awareness and even for people to engage in a more social-conscious decision. And for people to even appreciate the food and the canteen even more through using real artifacts made for that purpose.

The ideal is to give more value to daily used objects and a positive small self-substantial change in people’s mind-set.


Amalie Jensen (glass)
Rebecca Cuschera (txt)
Lente Oosterhuis (design lab)
Béa Vancaillie (design lab)


Rietveld canteen

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ecology, food sustainability

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