Rietveld Mulch

Welcome to Rietveld Mulch, a pilot program of The Rietveld Society that focuses on life after graduation. We aim to communally explore and share tools of support for developing artistic practices for and with alums. Within this program, alums Nina van Hartskamp, Suzanne Bernhardt and Roman Tkachenko are working on a podcast, a series of workshops and an online platform. We touch upon topics like monetary funding, community support and aim to give insight into possible routes within cultural fields.

In our program we ask artists, curators and other creatives to share their Mulch. In a garden, mulch is used as a layer of material to cover, protect and feed the soil. For us Mulch stands for the many interconnected layers that support the development of an art and design practice. While each Mulch is unique, we aim to collectively explore and uncover these foundations to inspire and support new graduates on this journey.

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