Not to exhibit but to...
24 May

“Not to exhibit but to...” the inaugural first year showcase of the Studio for Immediate Spaces program, inspired by the ethos of hosting as a counter-discursive practice, will take place at De KasKantine —an off-grid organization of sustainibility and community—Friday 24th of May.

At KasKantine, our work unfolds as an invitation to co-create, to extend space temporally and spatially, and to engage in the transformative act of hosting. Join us for lectures, for a meal, for a workshop as we bridge the gap between exhibition and experience.
“Not to exhibit but to…” is a celebration of collective agency, and a testament to the power of collaboration. We invite you into a realm where space becomes an extension of narrative, and hosting is an act of collectivity.

Friday, May 24th, 2024
@ De KasKantine
Handbalstraat 1, 1062 XK Amsterdam

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