POETICS OF CASTRATION: The Byzantium Knife — Class and Eunuchism
6 Feb

February 6th in the Artificial Times space, BC building: second instalment in Odete’s series on the Poetics of Castration.

Open to everyone, this series of moments is intended to share and discuss Odete's research on the history of castration, eunuchism and non-reproductive epistemologies. It works in an hybrid format between a lecture and a discussion group. It is divided into 4 sections, starting with a general introduction to the history of castration and how one maps it, to the presence of eunuchs in the byzantine empire, to the baroque castrati or even how vampires and dandies share a sense of spiritual castration amongst the ruins of 19th century aristocracy.
“As it is something i’m still researching, I hope you bear with me! I offer no conclusions - just a speculative trick of a tongue tied with the perfume of history.”

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