Poetics of Castration
12 Dec

Join Odete on 12 Dec for ‘Poetics of Castration - a discussion group’:

Upcoming events

1. Mapping Castration: a slang’ed history (12 Dec)
2. The Byzantium Knife: Class and Eunuchism (tba)
3. Pre-Modern Cyborgs: The Castrati (tba)
4. Fashionable Eugenics: dolls, dandies and vampires (tba)

Open to everyone, this series of moments is intended to share and discuss my research on the history of castration, eunuchism and non-reproductive epistemologies. It works in an hybrid format between a lecture and a discussion group. It is divided into 4 sections, starting with a general introduction to the history of castration and how one maps it, to the presence of eunuchs in the byzantine empire, to the baroque castrati or even how vampires and dandies share a sense of spiritual castration amongst the ruins of 19th century aristocracy. As it is something i'm still researching, I hope you bear with me! I offer no conclusions - just a speculative trick of a tongue tied with the perfume of history.

  • December 12
  • 5PM
  • Artificial Times studio, Sandberg Instituut

Multidisciplinary artist, Odete (b. 1995, Oporto) develops a work that operates in the domain of music, visual arts, performance and theatre. Her work is mainly an "eroto-historiographical" and paranoid archaeology (a method she develops with her performances). She has presented her creations in different spaces and contexts such as Teatro Sao Luiz (Lisbon), Teatro Municipal do Porto, malavoadora.porto, TNDMII , CAPC - Círculo de Artes Plásticas de Coimbra, Festival Iminente, Rua das Gaivotas 6, among others. Recently she won the ReXform award for performing arts, presenting the project "On Revelations and Muddy Becomings" at MAAT and in collaboration with the biennial BoCA. In the area of music, she has edited EPs and albums by Genome (China), New Scenery (UK), Rotten:Fresh or Naivety (PT). She was part of the "SHAPE platform" 2021-2022. She presented her first solo exhibition at O Bardo and, more recently, the exhibition LYSIS, with Diana Policarpo at Quéréla (Lisbon). She launched her first poetry book "The Elder Femme and other Stone Writings" by Pântano Books. Between 2022 and 2024 she integrates the Future Laboratory, a European project of performative research, from CAMPUS (Porto).

Design: @lefkalefka & @_benjamimfurtado

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