The Quilombo is in a Process: flight is organizing towards flight
17 May
— 18 May 2024

An archival exhibition and a lecture. Solo graduation exhibition by Musoke Nalwoga.

17 May (11:00–16:00)
18 May (11:00–14:00)⁠
at OSCAM's YOMU - space
Bijlmerplein 110, Amsterdam⁠ ⁠

"The protest poster as an intersection between art and idea was also powerfully employed as part of the various independence struggles within the former Dutch colonies, as they united for freedom against their colonizer. Emancipation movements in Curaçao, Suriname, Indonesia, and South Africa all mobilized under banners, posters, and symbols to fight for their independence, collaborating with artists like René Tosari or Koempoel Sujatno. As both the Netherlands and their former overseas properties start on their long and industrious road towards decolonization, delving into the archives and revisiting this imagery can prompt a strong visual (re-)understanding of these past emancipatory protests, why they were important, and how they continue to reverberate today."⁠ ⁠

Photo/image made by Carrie Mae Weems⁠
Design by Goytung

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