Urgent Ecologies workshop: Ecological Economics and Collective Practices
18 Oct

Curious about how ecological consciousness can be practiced in art and design? Join the Ecological Economics and Collective Practices workshop with Marjet Zwaans, and Toya Saakie and Edje Doekoe from Totomboti collective.

  • Date: 18 October
  • When: 12:00-17:00
  • Where: Theory Stairs

Artist Marjet Zwaans from Amsterdam organizes her work based on the ideas of Ecological Economics and arranges them in spatial installations, vocal performances and meetings. Artist collective Totomboti from Pikin Slee is known for its massive wood carvings, which are inspired by the Obia and other natural phenomena. In doing so, they continue the tradition of their African ancestors who fled slavery in coastal areas to settle in the deep interior of Suriname. Together they find artistic common ground by looking at forms and systems from nature. Drawing from different systems of knowledge, they continuously find ways of working in reciprocal relationships.

This event is part of Ecologies of Knowledge series exploring how ecological consciousness can be practiced through contemporary art curated by Jo-Lene Ong and Marjet Zwaans for Urgent Ecologies.

Image: detail of artwork Mindi Matu: Bungi - korstmossen (2022) by Totomboti and Marjet Zwaans

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