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Cranberryjuice is an action based artist collective aimed at raising awareness about underrepresented subjects connected to care practices and sexual health.

‘By merging artists and researchers with multiple experiences, bodies, struggles and approaches, we strive to create an intersectional platform where the gap between art and activism, the personal and collective and the public and private is blurred.’

Upcoming Events
Cranberry Juice
5 Feb
Written in the Body

The Jewelry-Linking Bodies departments welcomes you to join them on Monday February 5 for Written in the Body – a day-long program which asks how we can unlearn and reimagine ideas of sickness and health. Written in the Body looks at the seep of medicalized discourse into our ordinary lives, and dissects how naturalizing and normalizing practices shape what we know of bodies and genders. What other ways can we be in and know our bodies?

Cranberry Juice
4 Dec
Pernilla Manjula Philip & Morgane Billuart

On the 4th of December we are joined by Pernilla Manjula Philip & Morgane Billuart for artist presentations touching upon on Care, the collective power of DIY, Femtech, PMDD and the body in pain.

Cranberry Juice
14 Nov
Rebecca Gomperts

We are beyond excited to announce the next speaker for the Cranberryjuice in discussion series: Rebecca Gomperts! A Rietveld Academie alumni, the founder of Women on Waves, Aid Access and Women on Web - Rebecca is an innovative and heroic physician, artist and activist fighting to defend Women's rights to choose

Cranberry Juice
14 Nov
Screening of ‘Vessel’ by Dianna Whitten

Connected to Rebecca Gomperts’ presentation we will be screening the award winning documentary ‘Vessel’ by Diana Whitten.

Cranberry Juice
10 Oct
Cranberryjuice in discussion: Care practices & Queer ecologies /w Maya Lane & Cláudia Pallisé

To kick off a new chapter as an extracurricular platform, Cranberryjuice collective is hosting a monthly lecture series relating to medical sexual inequalities and care practices. For their first event they will be inviting queer medical anthropologist Maya Lane together with published writer and researcher Cláudia Pallisé to join them for talks and discussions in the gym. The informal lecture series is open to everyone: specifically students from the Rietveld & Sandberg, but also alumni and any other people for whom it strikes curiosity or interest. Cranberryjuice cocktails will be served!

Cranberry Juice
19 Mar
CranberryJuice Presents - Treating/Treated Loving/Loved

Opening: March 19, 13:00 - 20:00
Location: OT301, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam

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book in the making ~ send your potions, remedies, diy healing methods
10 Mar

Once upon a time, in a lecture in the fall of 2023, author and researcher Claudia Pallisé talked about how in the middle ages people gathered rec pipes for curing illness, easing trouble of the heart, and preventing sickness. These recipes were handed from hand to hand, home to home. As they circulated they would be improved and modified according to what seemed to work best.
In the 21st century we have an advances, ever evolving practice of science and medicine. Still many of the ancient recipes, remedies and curing hacks continue to circulate in our daily lives.
Incurable conditions by the institutionalised medical sphere such as chronic pain, endometriosis, psychosomatic pain and vulvadynia have made self care practices and DYI treatment a necessity in our contemporary reality as well. New forms of remedies, healing meathods and DIY treatments are being born in people’s deb rooms, toilets, kitchens and shared online or in intimate conversation.
Now we are on a mission to gather it all and archive it into a book. Be it ancient, vintage or new - sci-fi, hippie, tech, dirty, sweet, in testing or known for hundreds of years… We want YOU to send us your family potions, remedies, DIY healing methods and recipes, perfected with time and word of mouth - just like CranberryJuice.

Send potions, remedies and recipes to:
@cranberryjuice on Instagram
Or find our recipe box at the Rietveld Academy

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