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6 Apr

This Wednesday 06/04, Rietberg Running Club will come to a close after 4 months of events + weekly runs with FINISHERS FEST! To celebrate, we will have an evening of activities. ALL ARE WELCOME ~ feel free to join post-run for just the lecture + drinks.

18:45 - Meet at Gerrit Rietveld Billboard
19:00 - 3 km RUN
19:30 - Celebratory drinks + snacks in the GYM
20:00 - The Disability Discourse and Art, lecture on disability in the visual arts by Inga Björk Margrétar Bjarnadóttir (@ingabbjarna ) art theorist and disability spokesperson

Over the past months, Rietberg Running Club has become a meeting ground to explore what can be cultivated through the act of running. We aimed to create a venue for dialogue relating to endurance performative practices and a way to pay attention to our bodily functioning in different forms. In our next lecture, Inga will guide us to reflect on ableism in a conversation around bodily art and her perspective on the art world through the eyes of a disability activist.

Inga Björk Margrétar Bjarnadóttir is an art theorist and a disability activist. She works for a human rights organization that focuses on the rights of people with intellectual disabilities and has been a guest lecturer at multiple universities, ranging from disability theory, educational science, political science, law enforcement studies, visual communication and design.

In her lecture, Inga will navigate the art world, and society as a whole, in light of deeply rooted ableism that can be found globally. What is disability art? What makes an artist an artist and how is the term gatekept? What is the role of intention in today's art world?

Hope to see you there!

Ciara + Sigrún

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