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TEXTILE INITIATIVE is an ongoing event based project founded by Dasha Golova . TEXTILE INITIATIVE & TALK TO ME I WILL REPAIR YOUR CLOTHES has happened twice in Amsterdam at the Rietveld Glass Pavilion and the Big Vissel at Da Costakade and it was a big success thank to all contributors and experts volunteers! A new program for the event is being under development and curation.

TEXTILE INITIATIVE is a series of events that gather people of different social groups and age to the field of textile, that doesn't have a professional requirement but in fact a very personal every day engagement. The TI has an always changing place and format but holds on the same values around creating a safe space for human exchange, exploring the potential of collaboration, where the idea of textile is interlaced with human relations and sharing knowledge, skills and time. TALK TO ME I WILL REPAIR YOUR CLOTHES is an integral part of the TI where a ever changing group of volunteers repair and mend someone's damaged clothes or textiles. This free service is provided only during the event with the possibility for everyone to talk, learn and fix together, under the guidance or completely by yourself. Repairing clothes became a trigger to engage with each other and reinforce the values of human interaction.

Founder (person or department)

Darya Golova (Fine Arts)


Looking for companions

Founding year



creation of a safe place for human exchange, facilitation of all sorts of events and voices of artists, initiatives, collectives, researchers, teachers about textile, craft, politics of textile production and use, textile and human resources, female labour, politics of care….

Target Group

Everyone who is noticing prevailing presence of textiles in our lives and surroundings, curious and enthusiastic people, artists, artisans and researchers


Public events such as workshops, tours, performances, presentations and talks, participatory exhibitions


Glass Pavilion
Big Vissel studio at Tetterode


social fabric, textile, material, ecology, collaboration, hand craft, discourse, commons

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Playing with Ivy — /w Elena Braida, Inês Queirós, Julina Vanille Bezold & Samira Vogel
13 Jul

Announcing our fifth and final event of this series!
A workshop of many possibilities with Elena Braida, Inês Queirós, Julina Vanille Bezold & Samira Vogel hosted at Kas Keerweer.

Saturday 13 July
1-6pm (time TBC)
@ Kas Keerweer, Admiraal de Ruyterweg 19

'Playing with Ivy' is a collaborative journey into the fascinating world of this evergreen climbing plant, exploring its stories, uses, and recipes. Spend an afternoon immersed in the wonders of this often-overlooked plant through the eyes and expertise of four artists: Elena Braida, Inês Queirós, Julina Vanille Bezold, and Samira Vogel.

Elena will demonstrate ivy’s cleaning properties by creating natural laundry detergent. Inês will uncover its potential for natural dyeing and ink-making, inviting guests to paint on cloth. Julina and Samira will guide participants in collectively weaving with ivy-dyed fibres. Through a foraging walk and enchanting tales, we will discover how one plant can clean, dye, and be woven.

To bring: empty jars and aprons.

~ Sign up: https://linktr.ee/textileinitiative

Textile Initiative is kindly supported by AFK & Stichting Stokroos

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