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to be held while taking shape
17 Nov

What happens when the tools of our study talk back, our fleeting results lead us again to the start? Absorbing us whole, the microscope becomes the microphone, amplifying into multilateral scale.

  • Nov 17 @ 19:00-22:00
  • Tempel, Tolstraat 160, Amsterdam

For their second program hosted with Metro54, S*an D. Henry-Smith invites the members of the yet-to-be named band they’re in alongside Ladipo Famdou, Alec Mateo, and Monique Todd, to perform the second iteration of to be held while taking shape. Activating the science fiction writing of Famdou, vocalists and multi-instrumentalists Henry-Smith and Mateo will present a live score to the text, as Famdou live-sculpts wire figures, engaging an improvised dialogue of shadow-dance and sound, featuring production support from Todd.

Ladipo Famodu is an artist and former afrofuturist who works with wire sculpture and collage. Disillusioned with speculation, he now finds comfort in playful irony and surrealism. His previous education in chemistry informs his understanding (and criticism) of the scientific gaze. In 2021, he initiated the program Recipes for a Technological Undoing.

S*an D. Henry-Smith is a collaborative practitioner working primarily in poetry, photography, sound, and by extension, performance and publishing. They are the author of Wild Peach, and the director of Lunar New Year.

Alec Mateo is a Dominican Writer and performer from New York, working with poetry, sound, and movement to explore fugitive subjectivities and modes of togetherness.

Monique Todd is a London-born writer working through essays, mapping, sound and sculpture.

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