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Toitoitoi is a platform for learning and sharing where practitioners across departments can encounter each other to try out and play around with performance-based art and methods and pay attention to the ways in which these experiences leak into their own practices.
Toitoitoi will invite different performance artists to lead a workshop, followed by a series of aftercare sessions where the participants can meet again to share afterthoughts, works and get a chance to delve deeper into ideas and mediums they want to experiment with.
Toitoitoi offers a space for everyone interested in how different art practices come together, merge, and inform one another.

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Eva Delville
Philisha Kraatz
Christina Reinhardt

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sound holes / love calls: workshop /w Moa Holgersson
10 Apr

*the sound holes are mouths, heads, lungs, sinuses, and the love calls are hearding calls, cruising attempts or just the eternal impulse to connect with others*

Moa will teach an embodied voice workshop that explores different resonances of the body, how making different sounds *feels* and how changing the states of our nervous system affects what sounds we can produce. We will also work collectively on creating sound scapes by listening to others, deciding when to join and when to leave space. Finally, we will do a collective call & response exercise or a simple singing/choir exercise.

No previous experience necessary. The workshop springs from the idea of the voice as the body’s inherent instrument - something that everyone can use.

Rietveld and Sandberg students and staff as well as people outside the academy are welcome to join the workshop.

come, come, come!

Poster by Cleo Tsw and Mel Keane

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