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Toitoitoi is a platform for learning and sharing where practitioners across departments can encounter each other to try out and play around with performance-based art and methods and pay attention to the ways in which these experiences leak into their own practices.
Toitoitoi will invite different performance artists to lead a workshop, followed by a series of aftercare sessions where the participants can meet again to share afterthoughts, works and get a chance to delve deeper into ideas and mediums they want to experiment with.
Toitoitoi offers a space for everyone interested in how different art practices come together, merge, and inform one another.

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Eva Delville
Philisha Kraatz
Christina Reinhardt

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toitoitoi invite Clara Saito
13 Mar

This workshop invites people to explore using performance and theater as a transformative and political way of expressing and acting upon struggles, all of it in drag. It is informed by the Theatre of the Oppressed, a community-based technique developed by Augusto Boal. The workshop includes creating characters, expressing our emotions, performing for each other, and having discussions about the struggles we face in everyday life, using humor and over-dramatization in the style of telenovelas.

March 13
@ the gym

max 20 participants

Poster design: Cleo Tsw

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